Upcoming Projects: DIY Home Decor

I took a much needed break from the blog but I am back!

I got married last week, and took some time from writing to be able to finish some last minute details for the wedding.

While I am a little sad the wedding is over, I am excited to have more time to focus on home projects.

There are quite a few things I have wanted to start but had to put on hold to plan the wedding.

I thought it would be fun to share the things I am working on and the projects we have coming up around the house!

The China Cabinet

One thing I looked forward to in having a house with a dining area is a china cabinet. I love having beautiful plates and glasses, and could not wait to display my pieces.

China cabinets are plentiful on Facebook Marketplace, so I knew that finding one for cheap would not be a difficult task.

What I was more worried about was how to get it from point A to B.

Because of this, I had never followed through with purchasing a china cabinet. However, when I found this china cabinet I knew I had to just figure it out and get it.

The cabinet is currently a silver color, but I plan to paint it white.

I am in the process of doing research now on the best way to move forward. First, I think I will strip as much paint as possible (there are about four coats of paint on it currently). Then I plan to do some sanding and try and get the leftover paint off and create a smooth surface. Finally I will paint.

I bought a white chalk paint, and plan to use it the same way I did when I painted my desk.

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I will most likely write a post on this process after it is finished.

Roman Shades

Now that I have my new sewing machine, I can do all of the sewing projects I have been dreaming of.

I have an oddly long window in my office, and it has been difficult to find a shade I like to fit it. So I decided to try to make it myself.

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I am still on the hunt for the right fabric, but I plan on using the tutorial below to sew the shades.

Dining Room Curtains

Another window treatment sewing project.

I have been looking for curtains for our dining room.

I do not want anything too loud, but would like something with a little personality.

So I had the idea to possibly sew on some trim to plan white curtains, like the inspiration below

White French Pleat Curtains with Blue Greek key Trim

I am eyeing the Ikea RITVA curtains, and looking for a blue Greek key trim.

What Projects are You Working on?

I love a good project, I think it is a fun activity to do at home and it is so satisfying when complete!

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