The Reason You Are Not Finding Good Home Deals

In five words or less could you describe your home decor style?

If the answer is no, you’re missing out. There are certain aspects of life where we hate having labels, but home decor is not one of them. Labels are for creating easily searchable categories.

My home decor style is ecclectic, but I know it well and could describe it to you in a few words. This is important because now more than ever most shopping is done online.

With endless options to choose from, how you decide to search matters. To avoid the forever scroll you have to be able to effectively search and find what it is you are wanting.

Find inspiration

If you haven’t already done so, I encourage you to do some research on what it is you like. I’m still a huge fan of Pinterest for this sort of thing because it allows you to search, view images, and organize them. If you really don’t know where to begin, start with general search terms like “living room decor”. Go through the posts you like and take note of what you like. If you spend more time on Instagram, start saving inspiring images there.

a sample from one of my inspirational Pinterest boards

Know the key words

Save the images you like the most. Take note of what exactly it is you like about them. Is it the colors? The style? The patterns?

Then go to the descriptions and take note of what words or phrases might be used to describe the items you like.

Take note of these things. Keep a list of key words that you like and can search for. For me I frequently search “blue and white” and “rattan”. I search for this on several places like Facebook Marketplace, Etsy, eBay, and Poshmark for vintage items. I sometimes search these things in my favorite stores such as Target as well.

Explore particular styles

Many online websites are even starting to put their homewares in style categories for you. Some popular styles for example are farmhouse, boho, mid-century, modern, traditional, etc. Explore these and others to see which is closest to what you like. You can use that to search or perhaps the sites you shop from might have them categorized for you!

Search and enjoy!

Understanding your specific home style is a key to finding the right pieces for your home without spending years of endless scrolling.

What is your style?

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