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10 Ideas for Styling Bookshelves

Bookshelves can be gorgeous, but the styling is not always an easy task.

You want your bookshelves to be a reflection of you and your home, without looking cluttered. I’ve rounded up 10 ideas of ways to style your bookshelves.

  1. Books
  2. Frames and Artwork
  3. Decorative plates
  4. Greenery
  5. Figurines
  6. Teacups
  7. Photo Albums
  8. Jars and Vases
  9. Busts
  10. Certificates


This might seem obvious, but I also encourage you to take a look at all the books you have around your home. Take the jacket off of your hardcover books and see what color is underneath.

I like to take the jacket off to show the beautiful book underneath on my shelf. I typically only display the ones that fit into a certain color pattern.

Sometimes you may be surprised at what is hiding underneath a book’s jacket. You may even want to go searching for cheap books at thrift stores or estate sales and find books that fit your rooms color scheme.

Beautiful coffee table books are a great choice too, but can get pricey.

Frames and Artwork

Of course a great way to add a beautiful, but personal touch to your bookshelves is framed pictures.

I recently got these gorgeous bamboo shaped Laura Ashley frames that I love.

Thrift stores and estate sales are another great place to get affordable frames, as well as Home Goods.

Small artwork works nicely as well. Whether it is a framed print or a canvas, this is a great way to add a little personality to your shelf.

Decorative Plates

Plates a great way to add some color and grandmillennial style to your shelves.

I love Wedgwood plates, and have received a few as gifts.

You can find decorative plates just about everywhere. You can find them online at these three websites, at estate sales, thrift stores, Facebook Marketplace, or even from family members who may want to pass theirs down.

Here are some stands perfect for small plates

Greenery or Flowers

I like to add a little floral touch to my bookshelves. Some faux flowers or greenery is a great way to add a pop of color and fresh air to your bookshelf. Here are some faux peonies I’ve purchased from Amazon.


There are so many different things that could fall into this category.

This is were estate sales come in handy. I love looking through all the little display pieces and seeing what would fit my décor style.

I have this adorable hand painted bunny that I found at an estate sale once.

eBay, Etsy, and Poshmark are also great places to shop for things like this.

Teacup or Mug

I love china and displaying it, so I think it is fun to have a little teacup or mug sit out as a display piece.

You can find a single teacup all over the place (once again, these three places are a good place to start)

I think it adds a fun and feminine vibe to any bookcase.

Photo Albums

Another personal touch to add to a bookcase. If you have any photo book or album, this is a great way to display it.

I also have our guest book from our wedding up on my shelf.

Jars and Vases

Another great way to make your bookshelf a little more grandmillennial is to add some ginger jars or vases.

You can put flowers or greenery in them, or just leave them by themselves.


I love a good bust. I think they are classic and looks sophisticated. This a great thing to look out for at estate sales, or look at Etsy, eBay, and Poshmark (where I got mine)

Certificates and Meaningful Documents

Once again, I think shelves should be a space to display your personality and what is meaningful to you. I have my formal bid for my sorority displayed on my bookshelf. Go through those folders of old certificates you have at the back of some closet and see if there is anything you can frame and display.

At my bridal shower I also received a certificate holder for our marriage certificate.

There are 10 ideas for styling shelves

What are your favorite ways to style your bookshelves?

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