Spring Fabrics

Today I’m excited to be partnering with Joann to show this DIY to add a little extra spring to my home office!

As I’ve mentioned before, fabric is an easy way to refresh a space in your home.

I have been wanting to recover the cushion on my office chair for a while and this floral fabric was the perfect fit.

The colors matched perfectly with my home office, and the stretchy fabric is perfect for coving the cushion and so soft.

Cutting the Fabric

I started by cutting the fabric. I used the cushion I had as a guide and traced on the fabric and cut out a piece for the top of my cushion.

The bottom gets a little more tricky, I decided to do an envelop cushion so that I could easily slide my cushion in and out without needing a zipper.

You want to cut out two halves that over lap each other. To do that I traced around the piece I already cut, starting at 1 1/2 in past the center, and did that for both sides.


Then I sew a half inch seam on the straight edge of both halves.

Once I had that seam, I put the two halves with the top piece, pattern side together, and sew around the edges.

That’s it!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this quick DIY! New fabric is a great way to change a space with a small budget.

The fabric used in this post was sent to me by Joann Fabrics. All opinions are my own. This post may contain affiliate links.

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