How to Install Sconces without Electrical

Sconces can make any room look sophisticated, but the thought of wiring electrical is daunting.

You may have thought about installing sconces at one point or other and automatically dismissed the idea because you did not think you could do it.

Here are three easy steps to installing sconces in your home without having to mess with electrical

  1. Buy your supplies

  2. Glue the puck light to the socket adapter

  3. Install the sconce to the wall


Buying the sconces and other supplies is half the battle.

Here are some tips in picking out each piece, with my recommendations.

The Sconces

When purchasing sconces I recommend ones where the light points down, and where the shades or covering is opaque.

This method will use a puck light instead of a traditional light bulb, so you don’t want anything see through because it won’t look right.

Also I recommend sconces that point down because they have the best lighting, but you can still use ones that point up.

Examples of Optimal Sconces

And below, the sconces I used in my living room

The sconces I purchased on

The Lights

As mentioned before, this project will use puck lights instead of traditional light bulbs

My recommendations are to get the brightest puck light you can find and one with a remote.

These are the ones I purchased and they are pretty bright.

The Socket Adapters

There are several different ways for you to go about installing the puck light into the sconces, but I found this to be the best way.

Using the adapters instead of gluing or wiring the puck lights directly to the sconces affords more flexible should you ever want to change anything.

For instance, the original puck lights I purchased weren’t bright enough so I was able to get new ones and change them.

I bought these on Amazon. I used these socket adapters to glue to on the back of the puck lights so that they can screw in like a light bulb.

The Glue

You’ll need the glue to adhere the puck lights to the convertors. I used E6000. You can use any type of glue, but I think something thick and tacky works best.

Most puck lights will come with double sided adhesive stickers you can use, but in my experience and research I have found they don’t hold on for very long.

Glue the Lights to the Socket Adapters

Then you just have to take your puck lights and glue the socket adapters to the back. Wait for it to dry according to the directions on your glue.

Install the Sconce to the Wall

Now all that is left to do is install the sconce to the wall.

Hide or remove any of the wiring that we did not use.

Then screw to the wall according to the instructions for your sconce. Once up on the wall you can screw in the puck light just like a light bulb!

Now You Have Sconces!

This is a great way to add extra style and light to any room.

You can check out my TikTok to watch me put together the sconces for our living room.


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Would you do this sconce hack in your home?

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