Party Planning with Airtable

I’ve talked before how I like to stay organized for my parties. Well I have found a new tool that I’ve been loving called Airtable.

I first learned to use it for my full time job, and now I use it for everything. From my grad school assignments, to my blog editorial calendar, to planning parties.

I mean everything.

It is so versatile and makes it easy to save ideas in one place.

Here is a look at a party I’m planning:

Airtable has a lot of different functions and it is super customizable. This is great once you learn it, but can be overwhelming at first.

There are tons of premade templates, but I like to create my own.

Airtable functions kind of like Excel, if Excel could also shape shift. You put in the information, and can chose different views to fit your different needs, but it is all based off the same records.

I’ll go through how I use it in the sections below

Grid View

It is probably easiest to start off with a grid view, since it is the one that looks most like a typical spreadsheet.

For my party planning, the fields I like to create for each record are just name, notes, attachments, status, and cost.

If you have deadlines for certain steps, you may also want a due date field. I’ll talk about this more in the calendar view section.

Of course you know I love to keep an eye on my budget, which is why I love that it automatically sums up the cost for you at the bottom!

Gallery View

I love using the gallery view for my inspiration board and to see how everything looks together.

The gallery view goes off of any attachments you added to each record. If you have multiple it will display the first one.

Calendar View

Another potentially helpful view is the calendar view.

If your event has deadlines, it might be helpful to see how these look on your calendar!

This is just the beginning!

Airtable can do so much more, but this is all you need for some basic planning. I highly recommend this tool for any sort of planning you need to do.

It is so easy to save your ideas and keep them organized, and I love how the grid view looks pretty like a Pinterest board.

Let me know if you would use this tool!

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