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Skill 5: Learn to Design

We’ve made it to the end of this series.

This has been a lot of fun to write, these are topics that are really important when it comes to designing your home and I felt like a five part series was the best way to explain the whole process in depth.

Now that you have all the skills and done some shopping, it is time to put everything together.

Start with a Statement Piece

Designing your home is a creative, personal process so it is important to understand there is no right way to do it.

But if you want help knowing where to begin, here are a few suggestions.

For me, each room began with a statement piece or a theme and it went from there.

This may be a color, pattern, or piece of furniture. Find that one item or theme that sparks joy for you and

In my living room, for instance, it was the rug. It has lots of fun colors to choose from and I wanted the room to come together around that.

It is very common to start from the ground up, literally. I learned this tip from Dear Alice, a podcast created by the designers at Alice Lane.

Pick a Color Palette

Once you find that piece that inspires the whole room, you can pick out the main colors and start to pull from there.

An easy way to do this is by using a website or app such as Adobe Capture that can find colors in a photo.

Above is a vintage fabric I found on eBay that I just fell in love with.

These colors ended up being the inspiration for the whole room and I have fun finding ways to mix them in.

From there you can select a few pieces that closely align with your color palette.

Creating a Collage

The most helpful tool in designing an entire room is to put together a college of all the pieces you want to incorporate.

I detailed the entire process of doing so (for free!) in the post below.

Seeing everything together is really helpful, especially if you are between options.

This allows you to see everything together. You can also take a picture of the current space, and add in the stock photos to see how they look in the room.

It’s that easy!

It is a lot of fun to shop and start putting all the pieces together. I recently redesigned our entire bedroom and following this process really allowed me create a cohesive space that I love.

I hope you enjoyed the series, if you have any questions let me know. I may update these from time to time and continue to add resources.

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