How to Make Ikea Curtains Look Designer

Pleated curtains with trim is a classic look. So here is how to get the designer look using Ikea curtains.

I’ve seen curtains like this all over Instagram and Pinterest, but custom ones can be expensive.

Ikea RITVA Curtains

These Ikea RITVA curtains are a great deal at $30 for the pair and have a nice linen look to them.

They have pleating tape already which makes it super easy for them to look designer and custom.

They are too long for my room, so they will have to be hemmed, more on that later.

The Trim

I went to Etsy and found this navy trim for the side of each curtain.

I ordered the 83 mm size and purchased 6 yards. Of course this will be depending on how long the final curtain will be.


I did some research and found this YouTube video

I decided to go with the double 4″ hem at the bottom because I thought it looked really classic.

1. Cut the curtains

First I started by cutting the bottom. I hung up them up, marked where I wanted them to fall when they were finished, and cut 8″ below that.

2. Add the trim

Next I added the trim. I decided to use stitch witchery so that there would be no visible seams on the front. I discuss how to use it in my post here.

3. Hem the bottom

Then I hemmed the bottom, folding it up four inches and ironing, then folding again and ironing.

Then I sewed the hem, using a blind presser foot to make it easy.

4. Add pleat hooks

When your curtains have the trim and have been hemmed, you are ready to pleat and hang.

These Ikea curtains make it perfect to insert a prong every 5th space. I chose to pleat a section, then skip a section.

5. Hang the curtains

Now you just insert the hooks into your curtain rings and you’re done!

I used this curtain rod from Amazon that has matching curtain rings.

Would you add trim to plain curtains? It’s easy to do!

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