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Home Inspiration for 2021

Finding home inspiration is so important to the creative design process. I am constantly saving images and ideas to try to bring back to my own space.

It has been 10 months of being a home owner and I am finally feeling like things are coming together.

However, I feel like I will always be constantly improving my space.

So here are some things I am loving and looking to incorporate in my home hopefully for 2021.

Kitchen Home Inspiration

One simple project would be to make roman shades for our kitchen.

Our kitchen is functional, but does not really have any style right now.

I think some pretty blue and white roman shades would add a little color to our bland kitchen without breaking the bank.

I am finally almost done doing shades in my office and the process is pretty easy.

Built-in Bookshelves

Our house has sooo many built-in bookshelves. I’ve mostly styled the ones in the living room, but have hardly touch the ones in the living room.

I’m hoping that 2021 has more estate sale and thrift store finds for me to fill the shelves with.

Master Bathroom Home Inspiration

One big project is our master bathroom.

There are a lot of things I love about our home, but our master bathroom is not one of them.

It is small, and right now not functional. The shower has some leaking issues which has led us to the decision to completely replace it since it is out dated anyway (we’re talking pink tile).

Ideally I would love something like the picture above.

I’m thinking light blue walls and floral wallpaper for an accent wall.

I already have the perfect mirror, a gold bamboo one that belonged to my great grandmother.

The Sitting Room

Finally, one room I would love to get around to designing is our sitting room.

Our house originally had a tiny master bedroom, then a previous owner built a new bedroom on the back of the house, leaving the old master bedroom as an additional room that leads into the new bedroom.

Right now we just have a dresser and chair (neither of which I really like).

I am putting this into the universe in hopes it manifest, I would love to finally get my hands on a bamboo dresser for this room. Preferably a wood like above, but if I had to paint it I would probably do something similar to my blue desk.


Ever since seeing this post I’ve been on the hunt to try and recreate it (sort of).

I actually found a stool in a similar style and will be picking up a bamboo desk. I also have a bamboo mirror that will be perfect and I can paint the same color as the vanity.

What are you inspired by for 2021?

Or what projects do you plan on tackling? Would love to hear!

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