Updated Living Room Home Bar

I created this home bar area in our home earlier this year and finally feel like it is finished being styled.

I’ve come a long way since I first talked about it in June.

The Bar Cabinet

As I mentioned in a previous post, I found this cabinet from Target and left out the middle shelves to fit a cooler into it and become a bar.

I chose this particular cabinet because it was the most conducive to fitting a wine cooler while also being a good fit for this nook in our living room.

Home Bar Top

The top is the area that has come the longest way.

We got a lot of this from our wedding registry from Crate and Barrel as well as just picked up things here and there as I felt like I needed them.

Woven Mat

I got the woven mat from Amazon. I wanted something to protect the bar top while also added a little bit of style and this was perfect. I have lots of woven texture accents around the living room so this fit nicely


This tray is exactly what I needed to keep the liquor bottles looking more organized. This exact tray is from Crate and Barrel, and unfortunately is no longer available.

On the tray I have all our liquor bottles, a cocktail shaker, two wine decanters, a whiskey decanter, and two whiskey glasses. One of which is this fun one I bought my husband for Christmas that has a spot to hold a cigar.

Ice Bucket

Then finally I have this beautiful gold ice bucket. This is from Crate and Barrel but has since been discontinued so I’ll be leaving some similar pics at the bottom of this post.

Left Side

The left of the cabinet is for highball and low ball glasses. I have several different kind of each that I keep in here.

These are for mixed drinks but I occasionally use some of them as water glasses if we have guests for dinner.

Right Side

Then the right side of the cabinet is focused on wine and champagne.

I have these coupe style glasses at the top which could be used for champagne or mixed cocktails.

The large ones I got from Macy’s, and the smaller ones with the S I got from a local antique store.

Then the bottom shelf is full of these blue wine glasses my mother-in-law found at a garage sale, and then I have these crystal champagne glasses that are also from Macy’s.


Then finally of course we have the wine cooler.

This particular cooler can hold up to twelve bottles, but I took the bottom shelf out to fit mixers for mixed drinks.

Right now, on the top shelf I have wine bottles then on the second shelf I have different types of mixers (sparkling cranberry, Topo Chico, and elderflower) and on the bottom I have unflavored sparkling water and lime juice.

That’s it! It’s small but mighty

I loved having a designate bar area where guests feel comfortable making themselves a drink. It is such a simple thing to make them feel more comfortable.

If you need more ideas for wine glasses visit my previous post about affordable wine glasses.

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