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What is Grandmillennial Style?

You may have seen the term “grandmillennial” thrown around on social media, but what exactly does it mean?

I first heard the term “grandmillennial” at the beginning of this year, and when I saw the style I fell in love. For a while now I have been drawn to the more classic designs, things most of us would associate with grandmas.

The term was coined by Emma Bazilian who wrote this article for House Beautiful. It literally is the combination of the words “grandma” and “millennial”.


How Can You Channel Grandmillennial Style?

There is certainly an aspect of maximalism to this style, and there are plenty of things that could be considered grandmillennial.

Instead of going all out like some people do, it can be more manageable to focus on just a few pieces in each room to be the focal point and keep everything else pretty simple.

Hallmarks of Grandmillennial Style

  • Blue and white patterns
  • Soft, pastel colors
  • Rattan, wicker, seagrass, and other woven textures
  • Floral patterns
  • Gold and brass fixtures

My Living Room

For my living room I chose soft pastel colors to give it a feminine feeling.

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I also have an oil painting of still life flowers, rattan sconces, and some ginger jars on the shelves/

My Home Office

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The office is where grandmillennialism really shines in our house. As I mentioned before, my office is the one space in the house that I am free to decorate how I choose. My fiance isn’t completely on board with my grandma style.

The statement piece for my office is my Wedgwood blue desk, and I have really worked to design the room around that piece.

One of my favorite aspects of grandmillennialism is the love for all things wicker, rattan, seagrass, etc. I love how the natural, woven textures contrast with the pretty polished pieces.


If you are curious about grandmillennialism and want more information or inspiration, here are some resources I have found helpful.


I get most of my inspiration from Instagram. Some great accounts to follow are:











Of course you can always follow the hashtag #grandmillennial for more inspiration as well


If you want a forum to discuss the style and ideas with other grandmillennials, there is a Facebook group for that. I love having this as a resource because you can ask for advice or style tips for your home. I’ve used this a couple of times when I was playing with an idea but wanted feedback.


I still use Pinterest when I need inspiration. I have a grandmillennial board if you want to follow and see what is inspiring me!

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