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Frugal February: Introduction & Week 1

I am starting something called frugal February. I may not even be the first person to coin this term, but I’ve never seen it around and I’m making up my own rules.

I made a resolution to start saving more money, and my home décor and hosting shopping is one of the problems with my spending.

I get so many good ideas and buy so many things. However, I often have things at home I can do/use instead.

So this is my attempt to spend as little money as possible while still continuing to improve my home.

I came up with four challenges, one for each week this month:

  1. Declutter
  2. Organize a space
  3. Make something with what you have
  4. Bring new life to and old item


It is time to do a little (pre) Spring cleaning!

This week I’m taking time to go through some spaces around my home and clear the clutter.

The hardest part of this is not always decluttering, but actually getting those items out of your home.

Does anyone else get on a clean kick, make a pile of things to get rid of, then forget about them?

Me too. So this week I challenge you to not only clear out your space, but actually get rid of those items.

Get Rid of It

If it is a nice item, you may be able to sell it. Try your hand at Facebook Marketplace. You can not only save money but make money doing this!

If it isn’t a high dollar item, think of donating it. Personally, I live in Dallas and prefer to donate everything to Genesis Benefit Thrift Store, all the profits go to a local women’s shelter.

I encourage you to find a spot near you that will allow you to donate to a good cause.

Then of course some items just need to be thrown away or recycled.

My Decluttering Process

I’m guilty of having a closet full of items that I needed to get rid of that I just haven’t wanted to bother with.

This post and challenge was finally the push I needed to get rid of it all.

For my week I decided to go through items in my bathroom and get rid of stuff.

I’m terrible about throwing out make up and hair products that I’ve had for too long. One of my projects later this month will be working on a vanity for my bedroom, so now is a perfect time to declutter and prepare for that project.

What area will you declutter this week?

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