Free Sewing Patterns

Sewing can get expensive, so I try to save where I can. One way is by using free sewing patterns. It is also a low stakes way to start sewing.

Don’t be afraid to modify these or use these as a base to make your own custom patterns. If you mess up, you can always print another.

There are more out there than you would think, so I wanted to use this as a place to post about my favorites so far.

Mood Fabrics

This is one that many people might have heard about, but I’ll still mention it. They add new patterns a few times a month, so keep checking back.


Lots of great classic styles.


This website has so many elegant and classic patterns that can be used and adapted for your own style.

Burda Style

This one comes with a little caveat. These patterns are meant to go along with the books BurdaStyle Sewing Vintage Modern and The BurdaStyle Sewing Handbook.

Therefore there are no instructions with these patterns, only the pattern pieces. If you are a savvy sewer you may still be able to use these. You could also buy the book or check it out from your local library. They are great classic pieces meant to be adapted to many different styles.

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