Fabrics-Store Review

I almost exclusively sew with either cotton or linen. I like the breezy fabrics, they are great for the Texas heat. Cotton is easy (and often cheap) to come by, but linen is a different story.

Until I found

I actually found the site because someone on YouTube and mentioned that they had free sewing patterns. So I went to check it out and eventually started looking through their linens as well. They are incredibly priced and often you can get them on a deal or clearance.

So here is my review and tips all rolled into one.


Overall, I love fabrics-store. I like their selection of patterns (especially the free ones) as well as their linen. I have ordered from them twice now and the linen is great quality.

Daily Sales

If you are really looking for a deal, check back every day to see what fabrics are on sale. They rotate them out each day and they are featured on the home page.

Doggie Bags

The doggie bag section has some of the best deals, but of course are often smaller scraps so you are limited to what you can use them for. If you just need a yard or two, or if you have a project that can be pieced together using several smaller pieces, this is going to be the best deal.

Email Exclusive Sales

Also make sure that you are signed up for their emails, because that is where the best deals come from. They often send email exclusive sales so keep an eye on your inbox


I love fabrics-store and will continue to buy all my linen from here. Another helpful tip is that you can almost always use the code ilovelinen for an extra 7% off your order.

Happy sewing!

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