DIY Scalloped Stockings

Here is how to make your own scalloped stockings for Christmas! I made these and wanted to share how I did it because I think they turned out great.

First a disclaimer that I never just follow one tutorial.

I like to look at multiple different tutorials and combine them with my own knowledge to create exactly what I want.

Which is what I did to make these stockings. I started by watching a few YouTube videos to figure out what I needed and the basic steps.

Then I decided I wanted to do the scalloped edges, which required a separate tutorial.

Plus I wanted to embroider our names on the stockings, which required me to thing through how I would need to place it on the stocking.

Overall they were pretty easy and I love how they turned out! Here is the process to make your own.


Outer fabric

Fabric for the top band

Lining fabric

Fusible interfacing

Ribbon for the loop

Scallop template

Sewing machine

Embroidery machine (optional)



I used this pattern for the scallops.

This YouTube video is the overall tutorial I followed.

Scalloped Top

Using everything above, I got to work.

I started by embroidering on top of the white fabric.

I use this font from Herrington Designs for our names.

If you don’t have an embroidery machine but still want to personalize it consider hand embroidery or iron on appliques!

Once I embroidered the name I drew the scallop pattern on the fabric with water soluble marker.

I doubled this pattern so that I had one piece of 10 total scallops.

Then I cut and sew the curves on the dotted line.

I cut close to the stitch so that the scallops laid flat.

Then put the outside facing pieces together and measure the width of your stocking. Sew to width of your stocking and cut excess fabric. It should now be a loop of fabric.

Body of the Stocking

Then I moved to the stocking. I cut out four different pieces using a Dollar Tree stocking as a pattern. I cut out two pieces of the fusible lining and two pieces of the outer fabric.

As the tutorial shows, it should go lining, fabric, fabric, lining. Sew along the edges.

Then cut two pieces out of your lining.

Sew around, but leave a 3-4 inch gap slightly above the heel.

Then slip the top portion of fabric over the top of your main stocking, raw edges together.

Sew the ribbon for the book on the corner

Then take the lining (still inside out) and stuff the stocking inside the lining.

Sew all raw edges together.

Now pull the stocking through the hole above the heel of the lining.

Once pulled through, sew the hole in the lining.

Tuck the lining inside the stocking and you’re done!

It’s so simple!

And once you watch the video a few times you’ll understand the mechanics and get it.

Let me know what you think!

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