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5 Skills to Learn for a DIY Designer Home

I’m so excited to announce my first ever series on the blog.

Recently I’ve been doing research on interior design and what it is that interior designers do to give their clients’ homes that “wow” factor.

I’ve combed through podcasts, videos, blogs, and many other resources to glean this information over a period of time.

Through this research I have come up with the five main skills to focus on

I will outline them below, and as they get posted I will link them here so you can use this as a guide to find all five posts.

1. Learn to Refinish Furniture

Painting furniture is the easiest way to transform affordable pieces into something that fits your space.

2. Learn to Sew and Reupholster

Interior designers often make use of custom textiles. This is the easiest way to create a unique space that is exactly what you want. Sewing and reupholstering will get you there.

3. Learn How to Find Your Style & Inspiration

Decorating your space like a designer relies on you knowing exactly what you want. The best way for your home to look like a designer did it is to get inspiration from the designers yourself.

4. Learn to Shop

A huge part of designing your dream home on a budget comes down to smart shopping.

5. Learn to Design

The last lesson is about putting it all together and creating a cohesive room.

I’m excited to start this journey!

Over the next two and a half weeks you can expect detailed posts on all the topics above. By the end you should have a good idea of where to get started when it comes to decorating your like an interior designer.

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