Christmas Cards: How I Designed My Own

Christmas cards are a fun tradition but can get pricey. The beautiful ones can be even more expensive. This year I found a way to do it myself on a budget.

I’ve talked extensively on the subject of designing and printing your own stationery and invites in the post below. This post will be about my Christmas cards specifically.

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Inspiration for Christmas Cards

The very first thing I do is find inspiration for my design.

I am not a graphic designer, so I have trouble picturing something in my head.

But when I see something, I know that is what I want.

I spent some time browsing Etsy and Pinterest. I decided I wanted to go with a light blue theme, and incorporate bows and greenery.

Christmas Cards Design

Once I figured out what I wanted, I went to Etsy to find the right graphics.

I usually search whatever element I am looking for with the word watercolor in front of it.

First I found my greenery elements

Watercolor Christmas clearance. Winter clipart PNG. Christmas image 0

Then after sifting through lots of watercolor bows, I found the perfect ones here

Watercolor ribbon banners and bows clipart Birthday party image 1

Then I got into Canva and start designing.

I started by layering two of the same greenery elements on top of each other so that they formed a straight line.

Then I added a bow between them.

I copied and pasted this sequence until it made one long line, and then I copied and pasted that to form three lines across the page.

Once I had the background in place, used the already existing elements in Canva to make a border around my picture. I found a great scalloped frame that I decided to use.

A cool feature in Canva is that it pulls out colors from your graphics so that they can match.

Then I searched Canva for Christmas graphics and found the beautiful script “Merry Christmas” and put that on top of our picture.

Where to Print Your Christmas Cards

I highly recommend printing straight from Canva.

Not only is it easier, but I find it cheaper than other options and the quality is great. When I print I like to go with the premium paper and the uncoated finish. For 50 copies this cost $27 and they have free shipping!

Final Touches

Once I ordered the cards, I went looking for envelopes.

You can order envelopes as part of your Canva order for $8 and they are great quality.

But I wanted to do a colored envelop so I went to Amazon.

These blue envelops were perfect and great quality.

If you want something a little more simple, but with a fun accent I have used these white envelops with gold lining as well.

For stamps I chose these, but you can find a full list of holiday stamps here.

Florentine Madonna and Child

Finally, I used my return address stamp with blue ink.

Address Stamp Return Address Stamp Custom Stamp Self Inking image 0

That is it!

I actually had a lot of fun designing my own Christmas cards. They feel so much more personal and “me”.

I love snail mail and all the little touches that make something special.

What do you think?

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