DIY Home Projects for Fall 2020

Back in August I wrote a post about some DIY projects I was planning for the fall.

Here is the progress on the DIY home projects I was planning for the fall as well as everything else that popped up along the way.

Unplanned Projects

There are a lot of fun projects that just sort of happened, which I am totally fine with.

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Most of these are within my bedroom. In this post I shared about how my bedroom update came about and all the things I changed.

Bedroom Nightstands

When you find the night stands you’ve been searching for and for a good price, you just have to drop everything else and make it happen.

I wanted bamboo night stands and kept hoping my patience would pay off and it did big time. My husband and I drove 6 hours round trip for these but it was completely worth it.

I painted them using this chalk paint from Home Depot and then I swapped the old knobs for these with the tassel from Lo Home.

Bedroom Curtains

Another change in my bedroom.

I wanted more curtains, and I was set on finding the perfect blue ones.

The problem was I really wanted them to be a particular shade of blue and I wanted them pleated.

I finally stumbled upon these from Amazon and the color was perfect, but they were rod pocket.

I already had purchased some pleating tape from when I thought I was going to sew curtains myself, and figured out how to add it the curtains and pleat them myself.

It was super easy and doesn’t require a sewing machine, I detailed the entire process in the post below.

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Throw Pillows

Once I got my sewing machine, I got really busy with throw pillows.

First were these blue and white hydrangea pillows for the living room.

I originally bought the fabric for my office, but when I did the floral stencil wall I realized it was too busy.

So I turned it into beautiful throw pillows for the living room.

Then I did two different sets for the bedroom.

First I did three 18 x 18 pillows using a vintage Waverly fabric called “Goodly” from their documents collection.

It is a perfect print and inspired the whole bedroom.

Then I made the two 12 x 20 pillows with a plain white fabric and embroidered my husband and I’s monogram on them in a pastel green color.

Upholstered Bench

The last DIY project for the bedroom was recovering this bench we had at the end of our bed.

I was browsing home décor fabric at Joann’s and this fabric was a perfect match. In store it was on sale for $5 a yard and I only needed two yards so this project only cost $10.

Holiday Décor

I wrote a whole post below with details, but here are some of the things I made for Christmas

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Planned Projects

Now to the DIY home projects I originally talked about and planned to do.

Dining Room Curtains

I recently finished the curtains in the dining room.

Using these Ikea RITVA curtains, I then added trim, and hemmed them.

You can find the whole process detailed in the post below.

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Roman Shades

The only DIY project I have not gotten to yet is the roman shades for my home office.

I have all the supplies and hope to get to it over the Christmas break.

China Cabinet

Of course the star of this show is the china cabinet.

I got it at the end of July, and started working on it at the end of August.

It was a much larger project than I could have ever anticipated, but I am excited to announce that I finished it.

I spent hours stripping, cleaning, and painting this china cabinet.

Stripping paint is a lot more work than I ever anticipated and I learned a lot of cool tricks along the way (post to come soon).

This fall was super busy!

Of course if you want to see past DIY home projects or get more details on these, you can visit the DIY section of this blog to browse posts.

Can’t wait to see what 2021 has in store for our home.

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