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Christmas Décor Plan for 2020

Today I am sharing what I have been working on around the house in terms of Christmas Décor!

This is my first time going all out with Christmas décor since I have my own house and don’t plan to move anytime soon.

I am starting to slowly grow my Christmas décor over time, and plan to save money by shopping clearance after Christmas.

So this year I want to focus on the big, important pieces and will buy some other things when they go on sale.

Overall Theme

Before I started planning, I wanted to narrow down my overall theme.

I love blue and white themed Christmas décor, as well as pastel.

But ultimately I wanted something classic, with a little bit of a personal twist.

So I landed on the classic red and green, with touches of navy and gold.

Christmas Tree

The tree is of course the most important décor item.

While I did not have many decorations last year, we did still have a tree.

It was simple, but I really liked it so I did the same this year but added some red bows for a little extra something.

Christmas Stockings

Of course another décor staple is the Christmas stocking.

I wanted something specific and also personal, so I decided to make my own.

Last week I shared the tutorial of how I did it in this post.

As I said above, I wanted to have a color palette of red, green, and navy.

I searched all over the internet for a fabric I liked, and ultimately went with a classic tartan pattern with some navy in it.

I really loved the look of a scalloped top, so I incorporated that into my design as well.

Fireplace Garland

I have two fireplaces in the house and was excited to decorate them.

Of course the living room was the main focus.

I got this garland from Joann (also mentioned in this post)

I found battery operated string lights at the 99 Cent Store for about $3.50 and added blue velvet ribbon bows, also from Joann.

Front Door Wreath

I decided to get a plain wreath so I could decorate it myself.

I added a monogrammed sash I made out of scraps from the pillows, as well as some battery operated lights.

I am definitely not done decorating this one, I am thinking I might add some pinecones or other accessories.

Mini Chair Wreaths

After the stockings, this project is what I was most excited for.

I have 12 dining room chairs, so I wanted each wreath to be as cheap as possible.

After lots of searching I found these from Christmas Central, which were $3.19 a piece.

I used the red velvet ribbon from Joann to make the loop for the wreath, then tied bows and glued them on top.

I also added little gold glitter pinecones I found at Joann.

Then I was able to use safety pins to attach the ribbon to the backs of my upholstered chairs, easy!


I love that our couch is white because it makes it super easy to change out the pillows.

Everything Else

Monogrammed Tea Towel

Of course I like adding small details around the home as well.

And when I found this tea towel at Dollar Tree I had to get it and spice it up with our monogram!


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