Best Things to Buy at Estate Sales

As mentioned in a previous post, estate sales are one of my favorite places to find vintage home decor and antiques. They have a fun energy and I love seeing people’s homes.

There are certain things I look for in particular when I am at estate sales, and I thought I would share.

Dinnerware and Stemware

If you want some nicer dinnerware without the high price tag, estate sales are a great way to do it. You can find large sets for less than $100. I got the above at a warehouse sale from an estate sale company for $50 and it came with so many pieces. Usually you can find large sets for a decent price.


If you like to host like I do, buying all of the pieces to serve can get costly. Estate sales usually have plenty of different casserole dishes, pitchers, cake stands, platters, etc. I have found this nice platter and vintage pitcher for less than $2 each. The cake stand was hand made and still only $9.


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Of course another great thing to shop for is decor for your home. This could include art, frames, figurines, vases, and really anything else you could thing of. I have built in bookshelves in my bedroom and living room, so I have been utilizing estate sales to style them for cheap.


Last is a fun one–hobbies! If there is anything you collect or like to work on in your free time, you may be able to find something to support that at estate sales. There is often unused fabrics, craft kits, and vintage cameras is that is your thing. I love to cross stitch, so finding these unopened kits was amazing.

What is your favorite thing to buy at estate sales?

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