How to Save Money on Everything Online

I do a lot of online shopping. When you are looking for something specific, as I often am, it is just the easiest way to get exactly what you want. Plus I rarely have time to go walking around. There are a few additional steps you can do when shopping online to get the best deal. Here is what I do.

Google Shopping

The first thing you can do is Google what you want to see if other stores are selling it for less. For example, I wanted these curtains and with a search on Google I found them at 5+ stores.

When you click the “view all buy on Google” you can see all the stores selling them and for what prices, including the shipping costs which is helpful to take into consideration.


Once I have found the stores with the best price, I go on Rakuten and search for those stores to see if any of them are offering cash back. For example, Target is offering 1% while Kohl’s is offering 6% right now, so that is something to consider. Rakuten is great, you can almost always get some sort of cash back at top stores and it costs nothing. Plus you get $10 just for signing up here. You can get a check in the mail, or a Paypal deposit, so it is easy and free money.


Another tool I use is Honey. Once again it is free to make an account. The best thing to do is download the web extension. What this does it a little window will pop up on the side of your screen when you enter the checkout page of any website. It will then test out coupon codes for you to make sure you are getting the best deal.

Thats it!

These three things have probably saved me hundreds of dollars over the years. There is almost always a coupon code or a rebates program for wherever you’re shopping. I have a cash back credit card and it has reward programs as well. It doesn’t hurt to check. A little extra time in the front end could save you a lot of money!

How do you save money shopping online?

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