Amazon Dining Favorites 2021

Amazon is so convenient when it comes to planning dinner parties, not only can you find just about everything but you can get it quick (yes, I have ordered something the day of a party because I forgot). I just want to start off by saying these are all products I’ve purchased with my own money and have loved, I hope you enjoy them too! Pearl Toothpicks The devil is in the details and I get compliments on these all the time. They are great to put out for your appetizers/cheese board. Cocktail Shaker Set This cocktail shaker set is simple but sleek, and I love the gold color. You can see this and other bar accessories in my post about our home bar. Faux Bamboo Handle Flatware I love bamboo flatware but the real deal is expensive. For about $20 this set is affordable and cute. The handles are plastic, but I still like the way they look for casual dining. Gold Rimmed Chargers These chargers are my go to for any formal dinner at our home. They are super sturdy and nice looking, and best of all they go with every table I have planned. I love them … Continue reading Amazon Dining Favorites 2021