5 Websites for Affordable Furniture without Sacrificing Style

Furnishing an entire home or even just one room can get expensive quick.

If you are like me and have moved into a bigger space, it can be especially daunting.

Often the process of buying a home or just moving is very costly, meaning you might not have much money to spend on furniture.

Below are my top five websites for purchasing affordable furniture

  • Target
  • Wayfair
  • Walmart
  • Overstock
  • Ikea


Target is one of the first places I start when looking for affordable furniture.

They have so many different in house brands that cater to a lot of different styles.

I also like being able to return things in store if needed, like I had to do with the first bar I ordered that arrived damaged.

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They have also started to introduce augmented reality into their website, so that you can see how an item would look in your space using a smart phone.


Wayfair has a huge selection that fits any price point.

The helpful thing about Wayfair is that they allow you to filter furniture by dimensions, making it easy to shop when you are looking for furniture for a particular space. In addition, they too have started using augmented reality across their website to help you visualize the product in your space.

They also have good deals from time to time, so if there is an item you want but can wait, I suggest keeping an eye on it and see if it goes down.

That is what I did for our dining room table. I put the table in my cart and watched it for months. It moved a little through that time, but when it dropped $100 from when I first found it, I jumped on the opportunity to purchase it.


Walmart has a great selection online.

There can often be a lot to dig through, however they do have the option for you to shop by style which is something I talked about in my post about the reason you are not finding good home deals.

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Overstock has plenty of great options in multiple different categories.

Their website is easy to search and use, and they almost always have a coupon code out their you can use.


I have loved Ikea since I was in high school.

Although my taste has changed, I have found that I can still always find something.

You can shop online or in person. Ikea is a great place to go to when you want something simple and classic, for a great price.

How to Find What You Want

When looking for affordable furniture, I almost always start my search with a Google Shopping search (a process I discussed here).

Honestly, that search usually leads me to purchasing something from one of the five above websites.

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So whether you decide to do a broad search first or go to individual websites is up to you and your tastes.

If you have a very specific idea of what you want in mind, then a Google search first might be the way to go.

However, if you are still browsing you may find it helpful to go directly to the website. This is where websites with style categories become especially helpful in filtering and narrowing down search results.

Hope this helped!

Do you have favorite websites for affordable furniture?

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