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April 2022

Home Decor

Scalloped Quilts

Quilts are the best way to sleep in the southern summers. They provide the comfort of a comforter without the unnecessary heat. I love the look of scalloped quilts and I have found so many that I want to share in case you’re in the market for one! Ours is this one from Overstock (pictured above) The Quilt Options Here are some others I like and have been eyeing, click the arrows…

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Nap Dress Tutorial

Alright you all have been asking, so I did it. A nap dress sewing tutorial. This dress is self drafted off of measurements so no pattern required! I do believe beginners can do it, so don’t be afraid to give it a go! Step 1: Measuring Your Body You need two measurements: the fullest part of your bust and how long you want your dress to be. Step 2: Cutting out the…

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Random Hosting Favorites

There are a few things I’ve collected over the years that are so helpful but I feel like I don’t see people talking about them enough. So this post is dedicated to those random things that don’t have a spotlight anywhere else on this blog, but deserve some love! Clear Museum Gel This clear museum gel is amazing for keeping things in place. I’m a generally anxious person, and the thought of…

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