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How to Style Your Living Room on a Budget

When we moved in we had no furniture for the living room. This is not an exaggeration, we had no furniture in this room for almost two months. This empty slate was equally exciting and daunting. I loved that I could start from scratch, but it was a huge task. Thankfully once we got started, things started to fall into place. It Starts with a Sofa The room started to take shape…

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Quarantine Habits to Keep

This post is different from what I normally share, but I had a lot of thoughts that I just wanted to share (some are even home…


The Best Way to Stencil a Wall

This is another heavily requested post. Ever since I started posting my progress to Instagram and in Facebook groups I’ve gotten questions. This is going to…


Our Bathroom Renovation (for cheap)

I really put off writing this post for a long time. Mostly because even thinking back to the process stresses me out. But two inquiries about…

Home Decor

Decorating My Home Office

I love being able to have a space that is 100% mine. I’m a very creative person and so having an office to write my blog…


DIY “Custom” Bar

Inspiration Have you ever seen an image that inspired you so much it gave you a new idea? That is what I felt when I saw…